Born in Romania, in the heart of the Carpatian Mountains, in a country where everyone sings, Marinela Nitu, bears thru the world the sound and joy of the Romanians, the clearness of water springs, the might and beauty of the mountains.

Marinela Nitu dedicated herself to music, appearing on stage for the first time at the age of 13. After becoming more popular she decided to improve her music knowledge by joining the Art School in the city of Brasov.  She sustained her first recital, as a professional, on the stage of Brasov Music Theatre, where she perfomed for two years. She participated for two times at the important Romanian National Festival of Music „Mamaia”. She colaborated with the most famous compozers and artists from Romania like: Horia Moculescu, Adrian Petrache Pechea, Cornel Fugaru, Adrian Ordeanu, Vali Rotari, Mihai Traistariu, Sandu Albiter; and the famous poet Adrian Paunescu .

The artist made her appearence in international shows starting in Italy (her adoptive country) where she sustained a lot of concerts for election campaings, theatres, churches and matrimonial celebrations; Germany; U.K.; Spain; France; Iugoslavia; Bulgary; Poland; United Arab Emirates and USA.

In the year 2000 she lost her voice but in 2003, after a surgery on the vocal cords, she had a powerful comeback by expanding her repertoaire with various musical genres starting from Romanian folcloric music, disco and pop music to romantic „canzonetta”, her great passion. She hired known canto teachers, as much in Romania and Italy as in America.

In the USA she performed in various big concerts like Abbot Kinney Festival, in California, in front of thousands of people with L.A.’s Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. She voluntereed her talent in series of benefit concerts for Katrina survivors. She also performed in the production Electric Christmas at Universal Studios.

As an international singer  she performed in various concerts with Multi-Ethnic Star Ocherstra „Mesto” lead by master Nabill Azann. She sanged in various fashion and beauty shows and she received the „International Artist Award”.
Marinela, during her stay in Beverly Hills, enjoied the acting classes from „PlaySchool” under the guidance of the master and actor Check Vanerra.

She had the great honour to meet and colaborate with big artists and composers like: Stanley Klarke, Roxanne Seeman, Shadow Sky, Sammy Farrag and Hammam Shafi.

Marinela’s dream is to make everyone love and appreciate „canzonette” and her own music. Her rich voice delivers a captivating and unforgetable performance.

She is thankful to everyone who loves her as an artist and who supported her in her career!